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Ben Balas – Illusions in the Periphery

What can the chance discovery of an illusion tell us about how our eyes and brains work together? Ben Balas from North Dakota State University talks with us in episode 37 about his research into the Flashed Face Distortion Effect, an illusion in which normal faces – when rapidly presented in people’s peripheral vision – are perceived as grotesque and distorted. His article, “Factors that do and don’t affect the strength of the Flashed Face Distortion Effect”, written with Hannah Pearson, was posted to the PsyArxiv pre-print server on June 5, 2018.

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Restricted sleep amplifies angry feelings
Losing even a couple hours of sleep can be associated with increased irritability and anger in subsequent days.
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Brain scans changes seen after single season of football among young players
Researchers find repeated head injuries common among preteen football players, including evidence of separation of the nerve fibers connecting the two halves of their brains.
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New route to antibiotics production discovered
A new pathway discovered through gene editing may forge the way in the fight against drug-resistant pathogens.
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How one wild dolphin's trick became a fad
Scientists conclude that "tailwalking" dolphins learn the behavior through mimicry, though its purpose remains a mystery.
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New calculation adds up all the starlight in the universe
Study of high-energy gamma rays suggests that star formation in the universe reached its highest rate about 10 billion years ago.
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Can a physics of panic explain the motions of the crowd?
Commentary on the study of people in panic using complexity theory to derive the behavior of crowds.
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The world’s most famous genetic tool has a major diversity problem
Commentary on millions of letters of human reference genome missing among people of African descent.
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