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Voyeuristic Birds – Masayo Soma

Could birds’ courting behaviors change when they’re being watched? In episode 42, Masayo Soma from Hokkaido University discusses her research into monogamous songbirds which intensify their singing and dancing during courtship rituals – but only while in the presence of an audience of other birds. Her article “Couples showing off: Audience promotes both male and female multimodal courtship display in a songbird,” coauthored with Nao Ota and Manfred Gahr, was published on October 3, 2018 in the journal Science Advances.

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Does state online voter registration increase voter turnout?
Study finds that it does, in particular among young voters. 
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Race and gender biases in the federal judiciary
Judges tend to give harsher sentences to Black and male defendants, with Republican-appointed judges having greater gender and race disparities in sentencing than Democratic-appointed judges.
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Abstinence-only sex education increases teen pregnancy in conservative US states
Federal abstinence-only funding found to have no effect on adolescent birth rates, even  increasing them in conservative states, while pregnancy–prevention and sexuality education funding reduced births to adolescents in those states.
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Prediction of sepsis patients using machine learning
Meta-analysis finds that machine learning models can provide earlier and more accurate predictions of sepsis risk in hospitals than existing scoring systems.
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First audio map of oohs, aahs and uh-ohs
Try out the interactive audio map of the vivid sounds humans make when experiencing 24 different emotions.
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Military sonar can scare whales to death
Marine scientists learn that sonar can induce fear in whales, leading them to dive deep, resulting in decompression sickness and eventual beaching.
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Dopamine modulates the reward experiences through music
Causal link identified between dopamine levels and music enjoyment.
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