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The Wonder of STEVE – Liz MacDonald

In episode 45, Liz MacDonald from the NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, discusses in her research into STEVE, a previously unrecorded atmospheric phenomenon discovered by citizen scientists in late 2016 that appears as a ribbon of flickering purple and green light in the night. Her article “New science in plain sight: Citizen scientists lead to the discovery of optical structure in the upper atmosphere” was published on March 18, 2018 in Science Advances, and co-authored with multiple professional and citizen scientists.

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Address the relevant constraints first
Systematic review yields 10 guidelines for developing solutions with and for marginalized societies. [paywalled]
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Turns out Mercury might actually be Earth's closest neighbouring planet
Engineers calculate that the linear distance between Earth and Mercury is closer to us 10% more of the time than Venus is.
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Could AI robots develop prejudice on their own?
Study finds, yes: AI systems are capable of generating prejudice on their own, in ways similar to how humans do.
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Scientists: Don’t leave religious communities out in the cold
Commentary on how religious and scientific communities can work together to foster a culture equipped to face humanity’s biggest challenges.
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Study blames YouTube for rise in number of Flat Earthers
Researcher links rise in number of Flat Earthers to YouTube, the role of conspiracy ideation, and perceptions of "fake news."
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Our brains may ripple before remembering
Scientists suggest that short, high frequency electrical waves may set the stage for remembering our past experiences.
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Coffee helps fight prostate cancer
Researchers identify two compounds in coffee which appear to inhibit the progression of prostate cancer.
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