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The Wonder of STEVE – Liz MacDonald

In episode 45, Liz MacDonald from the NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, discusses in her research into STEVE, a previously unrecorded atmospheric phenomenon discovered by citizen scientists in late 2016 that appears as a ribbon of flickering purple and green light in the night. Her article “New science in plain sight: Citizen scientists lead to the discovery of optical structure in the upper atmosphere” was published on March 18, 2018 in Science Advances, and co-authored with multiple professional and citizen scientists.

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Psychopaths and narcissists have hogged the limelight
Psychologists advocate for greater study of altruism, forgiveness, and gratitude to counter obsession with the so-called Dark Triad of traits: psychopathy, Machiavellianism, and narcissism.
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Fatigue induces long lasting detrimental changes
Too much practice may hamper performance, especially when it comes to physical tasks.
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Teens who seek solitude may be on the right track
Adolescents who seek solitude for self-reflection or a desire for peace and quiet found to face none of the risks that those who do so because they feel rejected or want to retreat into isolation.
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Connecticut's Jamestown?
Artifacts dating to the time of the 1637 Wethersfield Indian Massacre unearthed in central Connecticut.
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Cause of SIDS and other sudden death syndromes
Those who die may be born with brains that fail to recognize rising CO2 levels in their blood as a result of accidental suffocation.
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Mass shootings may promote the use of guns to feel more empowered
People who feel disempowered may feel more willing to shoot someone when mass shootings loom large in their minds.
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Predicting successful and unsuccessful free throws
Collegiate basketball players found to be better at predicting which shots they'll make than recreational shooters, but worse at predicting those they miss.
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