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Sampling Music Networks – Mason Youngblood

Can the sharing of drum break samples among musicians help us better understand how networks of artists collaborate?  In episode 48, Mason Youngblood from the City University of New York discusses his research into the cultural transmission of digital music samples through collaborative networks of musicians.

The week's top science news from @ParsingScience ...
Young adult cognitive ability
While IQ scores appear to increase with education, study finds this may be so only up until age 20.
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Researchers collaborate more often with same-gendered colleagues
Study finds that researchers of the same gender tend to publish together more often, but also that research teams comprised of males and females publish more often in higher impact journals.
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Psychosocial interventions for borderline personality disorder
Commentary on advances in the treatment options available for people with borderline personality disorder.
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First compound to ever exist found in space
Astronomers make the first definitive discovery of the first molecule to form after the Big Bang.
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The myth of rational thinking
Commentary on the regression to the mean of reason.
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Why structure matters in population genetics
While earlier studies found that variation in height across European countries is primarily due to changing diets and welcome factors, researchers suggest those studies were confounded by differential selection, making that explanation untenable.
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