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Men Without Work – Carol Graham

In episode 49, Carol Graham from the Brookings Institution and the University of Maryland talks with us about her research into why younger out-of-work men in the United States are so unhappy compared to their counterparts in other places around the world who are arguably struggling much more.

The week's top science news from @ParsingScience ...
Light-based, brain-like computing chip
Scientists develop a chip containing a network of artificial neurons that operates with light and can imitate the behavior of neurons and their synapses.
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New Hubble Telescope image
By stitching 7500 images taken over 30 years, NASA produces photograph of 265,000 galaxies whose light was emitted over 13 billion years ago.
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Wood wide web
First global forest microbe map created.
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Ancient rocks in Moon's biggest crater
New samples discovered by China's Yutu-2 lunar rover suggest the Moon has a mantle below its crust.
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Pro-diversity STEM interventions
Interventions aimed at increasing knowledge of gender bias in STEM may inadvertently encourage belief that women don't belong in those fields.
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Modifying attitudes about modified foods
Teaching people about the science behind genetically modified foods may lead to more positive attitudes, seeing GM foods as less risky, and a greater willingness to eat GM foods.
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Bacteria transformed a viral threat
Scientists find that bacteria have evolved the ability to incorporate generic material from "phages" - which typically destroy them - in order to bolster their own defences.
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