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Men Without Work – Carol Graham

Why are less-than-college-educated White men in the US so much less happy and more desperate? In episode 49, Carol Graham from the Brookings Institution and the University of Maryland talks with us about her research into why younger out-of-work men in the United States are so unhappy compared to their counterparts in other places around the world who are arguably struggling much more.

The week's top science news from @ParsingScience ...
The social advantage of miscalibrated individuals
Overconfidence can be misinterpreted by others as greater competence, perpetuating social hierarchies.
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Being in the moment later?
Study finds inverse relationship between mindfulness practice and procrastination.
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Hidden heroines of chaos
Commentary on the role of female programmers in the development of chaos theory.
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Advances in heart valve replacement
New transcatheter approach prevents the obstruction of blood flow.
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Antimatter quantum interferometry makes its debut
Scientists demonstrate that positrons behave just like electrons do in classic double-slit experiment, indicating that antimatter is subject to quantum interference as well.
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Limited capacities of tree growth
Tree growth accelerated by global warming doesn't result in enhanced carbon mitigation.
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New single vaccination approach
Scientists develop vaccine which simultaneously inoculates against flu and pneumonia.
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