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Wisdom & Madness of Crowds – Wataru Toyokawa

When in Rome, should you really do as the Romans do? In episode 50, Wataru Toyokawafrom the University of Konstanz in Germany discusses how observing and imitating others in crowds can at times enhance collective ‘wisdom’ … while other times it can lead to collective ‘madness.’

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People adapt to societal diversity over time
Analysis of 22 years of psychological, sociological, and demographic data suggests that while people may initially react negatively to threats to homogeneity, the beneficial effects of intergroup contact tend to prevail.
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Why more accounting will rarely solve accountability problems
Commentary on the distinctions between accounting-based accountability in public education and accountability based on transparent, situational decision-making.
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Geometry of an electron
Physicists map geometry of electron using methods similar to that employed in quantum-dot LED televisions.
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Is being creative the key to romantic passion?
People with more creative personalities may be more successful in maintaining passion in their romantic relationships.
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Advances in ALS treatment
Gene therapy targeting the protein membralin may present a potential therapeutic direction for the treatment of ALS.
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Deep space disasters
Commentary on how humans may handle life-or-death situations 35 million miles from Earth.
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Talking about oneself in the third person
Third person thought may be associated with intellectual humility, perspective-taking, the capacity to find a compromise, and emotional self-regulation
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