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Peeking Behind the Curtain of Algorithms – Been Kim

How can we better understand what’s going on inside the “black box” of machine learning algorithms? In episode 53, Been Kim from Google Brain talks with us about her research into creating algorithms that can explain why they make the recommendations they do via concepts that are relatable by their users.

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Not so big ...

Analysis of 90,000 responses to Big Five questionnaires draws the universality of these personality traits into question, especially among those in developing countries.

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... and yet

Cigarette smoking linked to increased neuroticism and diminished extraversion.

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One giant ... lie?

Commentary on the origins of the conspiratorial belief that the Apollo lunar landings were hoaxed.

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Cancellation of student loans

Debt cancellation for borrowers who were in default on their student loans found to result in more rapid development of other outstanding debt and a subsequent increase in average income.

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Molecular thumb drives

In a step toward molecular storage systems that could hold vast amounts of data in tiny spaces, researchers develop proof of concept showing that it’s possible to store image files in solutions of common biological small molecules.

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Autism and brain scaffolding

Autism may arise due to disruptions occurring when the cerebral cortex is just beginning to construct itself.

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Solving climate change

Reforestation could store 205 gigatons of carbon, cutting atmospheric carbon by up to 25%.

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