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Peeking Behind the Curtain of Algorithms – Been Kim

How can communication across networks of people be optimized to share information, while at the same time lessening the likelihood of information bubbles and echo chambers? In Episode 54, we’re joined by Ida Momennejad and Ajua Duker from Columbia University and Yale University, respectively, to discuss their open access article “Bridge ties bind collective memories” which was published with Alin Coman on April 5, 2019 in the journal Nature Communications.

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Winter monsoons stronger during geomagnetic reversal

High-energy particles from space known as galactic cosmic rays affect the Earth’s climate by increasing cloud cover, causing an “umbrella effect”.

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Antiretroviral therapy for those with HIV

For every $1 spent on HIV antiretroviral therapy, there are $3.50 in benefits globally.

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Millennials tend to donate more to charity — but less often

They're found to be as altruistic as previous generations, with some caveats.

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Chinese researchers almost completely eradicate mosquito population on two islands in south of the country by simply releasing millions of gene-edited, infertile mosquitos.

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Good for a laugh

The more spontaneous the laughter, the funnier the punchline seems.

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Secret to more efficient learning

Both adults and children may learn better when seeing an object before hearing its description, especially in “inconsistent” environments with different teaching styles or distracting noises.

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Vibrating shells

Developing chicks appear able to communicate with their unhatched siblings when they sense danger by vibrating their shells.

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