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Fishing for Color – Zuzana Musilová

Do some fish see color in the black-and-white world of the ocean’s depths? In episode 55, Zuzana Musilová, an evolutionary biologist at Charles University in Prague, discusses her research into the unique way that some fish in the deep ocean’s darkness may be able to see in color.

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Vanished WWII submarine found

Nearly 80 years ago, the USS Grunion submarine sank on its inaugural mission during World War II, taking the lives of 70 sailors with it as it plunged to the bottom of the Pacific.

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General beliefs in unsubstantiated claims

People who endorse conspiracy theories found also more likely to be susceptible to belief in pseudoscience and paranormal phenomena.

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Dark chocolate

Large observational study finds that people who reported eating any dark chocolate in two 24-hour periods had 70% lower odds of reporting clinically relevant depressive symptoms than those who reported not eating chocolate at all.

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The effect of Obamacare on criminal recidivism

Affordable Care Act coverage expansion found to reduce the probability of returning to prison for violent and public order crimes among multi-time re-offenders by as much as 31% to 40%.

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End of an era

Terrible news for social and environmental justice news coverage: Pacific Standard, a news outlet by & for California but relevant across the globe is shutting down after 11 years.

The presumed reason: Sage Publishing
which publishes over 1000 academic journals pulled their funding.

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Evening intake of alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine

Study suggests that caffeine consumption before bedtime is much less likely to impact sleep quality and duration than alcohol and nicotine.

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Why we like what we like

Commentary on the tension between free will and genetic predetermination.

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