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Fishing for Color – Zuzana Musilová

Do some fish see color in the black-and-white world of the ocean’s depths? In episode 55, Zuzana Musilová, an evolutionary biologist at Charles University in Prague, discusses her research into the unique way that some fish in the deep ocean’s darkness may be able to see in color.

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The relationship between empathy and executive function

Meta-analysis indicates that empathy appears to be positively correlated with executive function, including inhibitory control, working memory, and cognitive flexibility.

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US gun control laws that actually work

Study by our prior guest Anita Knopov indicates that different sets of gun regulations seem to be more effective in different areas, suggesting that a single all-encompassing law may not resolve gun violence.

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Projects' front-end

Systematic literature review synthesizes the "front end" in project management: what it comprises, why it's important, what roles and responsibilities are important, and what happens in the front end.

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Glitching pulsars

Though some clockwork-like pulsars have been seen speeding up before, for the first time astronomers witness one briefly slowing down.

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Do immigrants import terrorism?

No relationship found between immigration and terrorism, whether measured by the number of attacks or victims, both for immigrants from both Muslim majority and conflict-torn countries of origin.

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Rewiring the brain for long-term recovery

Commentary on efforts to discern the right combination of compensation and task-specific training in stroke treatment.

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Satellite analysis of degraded soils

Land use changes and drought have degraded the soil in tropical Northern Africa, resulting in the release of between 1 and 1.5 billion tons of stored carbon.

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