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Taking Heat in Space – Naia Butler-Craig

How can satellites the size of a loaf of bread take the heat of operating in the extreme conditions existing in space without overheating? In Episode 56, we’re joined by Naia Butler-Craig from the Georgia Institute of Technology to discuss her open access article “An investigation of the system architecture of high power density 3U CubeSats capable of supporting high impulse missions,” which was published in November 2018 in the McNair Scholars Research Journal from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

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Mosquito incognito

Graphene-lined clothing may provide an effective barrier to mosquito bites.

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Generic language in scientific communication

Readers interpret broad, bold but non-specific depictions of psychology research as more important and universal than more nuanced ones.

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Mood, anxiety symptoms and suicide-related outcomes

Reported suicidal thinking, severe depression, self-injury more than doubled among U.S. college students over the past decade.

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Spikes in handgun sales

Handgun purchases triggered by major events linked to 4% increase in subsequent firearm-related injury.

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What artificial neural networks can learn from animal brains

Researchers argue that the brain is not an apt model of artificial neural networks, but that discovery of cortical wiring systems may provide a useful motif for future AI.

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Does acupuncture work for anything?

Commentary on a systematic review which failed to find consensus among practitioners regarding the location of acupuncture points.

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Pawsitively sad

No differences found between pet owners and non pet owners with regard to symptoms of depression, anxiety or self-reported interpersonal relationship functioning.

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