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Why We Love & Exploit Animals – Verónica Sevillano

Why is it that we treat treat various species of animals so differently? In episode 71, Verónica Sevillano from the Department of Social Psychology and Methodology at the Autonomous University of Madrid discusses her research applying social psychology and conservation biology to understand the relationships people have with animals.

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Prehistoric flight Morocco

Three new species of prehistoric flying reptiles with wingspans of three to four meters discovered to have flown above Morocco 100m years ago.

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Key ingredient in coronavirus tests comes from Yellowstone’s lakes

Discovery of heat-resistant bacteria more than half a century ago is now being used to boost the signal of viruses in most of the available tests for COVID-19.

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A way to extract color from black

Scientists develop means to extract a richer palette of vivid colors from the available spectrum by controlling light passing through disordered patterns inspired by nature that would typically be seen as black.

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Lessons from the Spanish Flu

Commentary on the 1918-19 flu pandemic: cities that adopted early, broad isolation and prevention measures had lower disease and mortality rates.

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Predicting serious respiratory disease among coronavirus patients

AI developed which predicts with 70%-80% accuracy which coronavirus patients patients would go on to develop fluid build-up in the lungs that can be fatal.

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It's the quality of sleep that counts

Even with less sleep than those who used home sleep aids, workers who nap at their workplace found to be more productive.

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Misguided drug advice for COVID-19

Commentary on misinformation suggesting that anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen or cortisone could aggravate COVID-19.

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Upcoming guests

Amalia Bastos from the The University of Auckland will join us to discuss her article “The Kea show three signatures of domain-general statistical inference”  [already recorded].

Courtney Coughenour and Jennifer Pharr from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, will join us to discuss their article “Estimated car cost as a predictor of driver yielding behaviors for pedestrians”  [already recorded].

Akchousanh Rasphone from the University of Oxford will join us to discuss her article “Documenting the demise of tiger and leopard, and the status of other carnivores and prey, in Lao PDR’s most prized protected area: Nam Et – Phou Louey” [already recorded].

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