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Bonus clips from: Mosquito-inspired Biotechnology – Richard Bomphrey

Bonus Content and Downloads

▲ Full episode with available download

▲ Fruit flies, locusts, and male mosquitoes [download]

▲ Richard’s postdocs on animal jumping and vision [download]

▲ Richard’s fellowship and particle image velocimetry [download]

▲ Male mosquitoes and their sensory cues [download]

▲ Aerodynamics of flight [download]

▲ Problems with first starting a wing [download]

▲ Force = mass * acceleration [download]

▲ The problem with ornithopters [download]

▲ Pressure sensors in fish [download]

▲ Johnston’s organs [download]

▲ Utility of Richard’s biotech for exploring other planets [download]

▲ Scale independence of Richard’s technology [download]

▲ Utility of Richard’s biotech for disaster recovery [download]

▲ Richard’s plans for the future of this biotech [download]

▲ Impact of COVID-19 on Richard’s work [download]

▲ Richard’s reflections on interdisciplinary work [download]

▲ Barn owls [download]

▲ Richard’s interactions with our prior guest, Trevor Wardill [download]