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23 Feb 2021

How Mosquitoes Target Us – Zhilei Zhao & Lindy McBride

Why do mosquitoes prefer us over other animals? In episode 94, we talk with Zhilei Zhao and Lindy McBride from Princeton about their research into how mosquitoes that can carry dangerous diseases - such as Zika, dengue, West Nile virus and malaria - are able to track us down so quickly while ignorin...
Listen to the episode..How Mosquitoes Target Us – Zhilei Zhao & Lindy McBride
21 Jul 2020

A Marijuana Breathalyzer – Neil Garg

What's that on your breath? In episode 79 of Parsing Science we talk with Neil Garg from UCLA about his research into the fundamental chemistry necessary for the creation of a small, electronic test of marijuana that works by way of a simple electrochemical oxidation process similar to that used i......
Listen to the episode..A Marijuana Breathalyzer – Neil Garg