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The unpublished stories behind the
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Differing Interpretations of Difficulty – Neil Lewis, Jr.

In episode 29 Neil Lewis, Jr. from Cornell University talks with us about about his research into what differentiates students who experience difficulty in college as signaling its importa

Listen to the episode Differing Interpretations of Difficulty – Neil Lewis, Jr.


Debunking Pterosaurs Flight with Armita Manafzadeh

Righting a 200 year old mistake: Armita Manafzadeh, from Brown University, talks with us about how her simulations of pterosaurs' range-of-motion demonstrate that the ancient reptiles almo...

Listen to the episode Debunking Pterosaurs Flight – Armita Manafzadeh

Prehistoric Origins of Birds with Bhart-Anjan Bhullar

What can prehistory tell us about the origins of modern birds? Bhart-Anjan Bhullar, from Yale University, talks with us about how the discovery of a 95 million year old Ichthyornis fossil ......

Listen to the episode Prehistoric Origins of Birds – Bhart-Anjan Bhullar

Retaining LGBQ Undergraduates in STEM with Bryce Hughes

In celebration of LGBTSTEMDay, we talk with Bryce Hughes of Montana State University about his research into the factors that influence the retention of LGBQ students in STEM programs. His......

Listen to the episode Retaining LGBQ Undergraduates in STEM – Bryce Hughes

Multiple Work Identities with Brianna Caza, Sherry Moss & Heather Vough

Do people who willingly hold down multiple careers at the same time struggle like the rest of us to find authenticity in their work? Brianna Caza, Sherry Moss & Heather Vough (of the U...

Listen to the episode Multiple Work Identities – Brianna Caza, Sherry Moss & Heather Vough

Structural Racism & Police Shootings with Anita Knopov

Might police shootings of unarmed African Americans have anything to do with state-level structural racism? Anita Knopov from Boston University joins us to talk about her study "The Relati...

Listen to the episode Structural Racism & Police Shootings – Anita Knopov

Uncovering Uncertain Identities with David Kernot

We thought this study was ultimately about William Shakespeare, and were wrong. David Kernot from Australia’s Defence Science and Technology Group, currently studying at the Australian Nat...

Listen to the episode Uncovering Uncertain Identities – David Kernot

Linguistic Artifacts in Creole with Nicole Creanza

What might migration patterns tell us about how modern languages came about? Vanderbilt University's Nicole Creanza talks with us about her research into how migration during the colonial ...

Listen to the episode Linguistic Artifacts in Creole – Nicole Creanza

Disobeying Unjust Authority with Phil Zimbardo

What leads people to stand up against authoritarianism?  Philip Zimbardo, Professor Emeritus from Stanford University and lead investigator on the Stanford Prison Experiment, talks with us...

Listen to the episode Defying Unjust Authorities – Phil Zimbardo

How Misinformation Spreads Online with Soroush Vosoughi

Soroush Vosoughi from MIT's Laboratory for Social Machines and Harvard's Berkman Klein Center talks with us about his research into how false spreads differently than true news in Twitter....

Listen to the episode How Misinformation Spreads Online – Soroush Vosoughi


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Doug Leigh

Doug Leigh, Ph.D., is a Professor with Pepperdine University. His research interests are psychometrics, machine learning, and science communication.
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Ryan Watkins

Ryan Watkins, Ph.D., is a Professor at George Washington University. His research interests are instructional design, needs assessments, and human-machine expertise.