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The unpublished stories behind the
world’s most compelling science,
as told by the researchers themselves.

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Undergraduates Formerly in Foster Care with Royel Johnson

What factors best predict success at college among youth formerly in foster care? In Episode 68, Royel Johnson from Pennsylvania State University's...

Listen to the episode Undergraduates Formerly in Foster Care – Royel Johnson


Ivory Towers and Abattoirs with Temple Grandin

How can research improve the lives of livestock, even as they're on their way to slaughter? In episode 67, Temple Grandin from the Colorado State University's College of Agricultural Sciences...

Listen to the episode Ivory Towers and Abattoirs – Temple Grandin

Katherine Wood rock climbing

Hiding in Plain Sight with Katherine Wood

Did you catch that? In episode 66, Katherine Wood from the University of Illinois discusses her research with the scientist behind the famous “Invisible Gorilla” experiments, Daniel...

Listen to the episode Hiding in Plain Sight – Katherine Wood

Transmitting Placebo Effects with Luke Chang

Can your doctor's beliefs about the efficacy of a treatment affect how you experience pain? In episode 65, we’re joined by Luke Chang from the Department of Psychological & Brain...

Listen to the episode Transmitting Placebo Effects – Luke Chang

Global Decline of Homicide with Mateus Rennó Santos

The global decline of births from 1990 and 2015 has to a reduction in the proportion of people aged 15-29. So might this explain why the world’s homicide rate has dropped by nearly 20%?...

Listen to the episode Global Decline of Homicide – Mateus Rennó Santos

Extraordinary Claims, Ordinary Evidence with Susan Gelman

Why are bold, broad, and terse depictions of science perceived as more important, robust and generalizable than nuanced ones? In episode 63, we're joined by Susan Gelman from the University...

Listen to the episode Extraordinary Claims, Ordinary Evidence – Susan Gelman

Ritual pain for social gain with Dimitris Xygalatas

Sure, you might have a tongue piercing. But would you consider something far more extreme for a bump on the social ladder? In episode 62, we're joined by Dimitris Xygalatas from the University...

Listen to the episode Ritual Pain for Social Gain – Dimitris Xygalatas

Saptarshi Das

Hearing better than a barn owl with Saptarshi Das

How can what engineers learn from how barn owls pinpoint the location of the faintest sounds apply to their development of nanotechnologies capable of doing even better? In episode 61,...

Listen to the episode Hearing Better than a Barn Owl – Saptarshi Das

Enduring Effects of Neurofeedback with Michelle Hampson

When real-time fMRI neurofeedback improves people's symptoms long after treatment, might that influence the guidance that's provided to patients, and also inform the design of future clinical...

Listen to the episode Enduring Effects of Neurofeedback – Michelle Hampson

Does practice make perfect? - Brooke Macnamara

Does practice make perfect? with Brooke Macnamara

In striving to develop expertise, are 10,000 hours of deliberate practice really required, and must it be guided by a teacher or coach? In episode 59, we're joined by Brooke Macnamara...

Listen to the episode Does Practice Make Perfect? – Brooke Macnamara

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Doug Leigh

Doug Leigh, Ph.D., is a Professor with Pepperdine University in Los Angeles. His research interests are psychometrics, machine learning, and science communication.
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Ryan Watkins

Ryan Watkins, Ph.D., is a Professor at George Washington University in Washington DC. His research interests are needs, needs assessments, instructional design, and human-technology collaboration.