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The unpublished stories behind the
world’s most compelling science,
as told by the researchers themselves.

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Science Writing as Storytelling (rebroadcast) with Ryan Kelly

What matters more in getting cited — what you say or how you say it? In this remastered and remixed version of our first episode of the show, we're...

Listen to the episode Science Writing as Storytelling (rebroadcast) – Ryan Kelly


Cold War Ice Core Reveals Historic Glacial Melt with Andrew Christ

How did a Cold War era debacle help us better understand the dangers of climate change? In episode 99 of Parsing Science, we talk with Drew Christ from the University of Vermont about his...

Listen to the episode Cold War Ice Core Reveals Historic Glacial Melt – Andrew Christ

DNA Evidence of Denisovan Interbreeding with João Teixeira

What can DNA tell us about the migration of the earliest modern humans and other hominins? In episode 98 of Parsing Science, we talk with João Teixeira from the University of Adelaide...

Listen to the episode DNA Evidence of Denisovan Interbreeding – João Teixeira

The Dyatlov Pass Incident with Alexander Puzrin

Can science help solve a real-life mystery? In episode 97 of Parsing Science, we talk with Alexander Puzrin from ETH Zurich about his research into The Dyatlov Pass incident, a 62-year-old...

Listen to the episode The Dyatlov Pass Incident – Alexander Puzrin

Monkey Business with Jean-Baptiste "JB" Leca

Do monkeys know how much fruit your sunglasses are worth? In episode 96 of Parsing Science, we talk with Jean-Baptiste "JB" Leca from the University of Lethbridge's Department of Psychology...

Listen to the episode Monkey Business – Jean-Baptiste “JB” Leca

Positively Negative with Shiri Melumad

How much can you trust people's retelling of information the've read? In episode 95, Shiri Melumad from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business discusses her research...

Listen to the episode Positively Negative – Shiri Melumad

How Mosquitoes Target Us with Zhilei Zhao & Lindy McBride

Why do mosquitoes prefer us over other animals? In episode 94, we talk with Zhilei Zhao and Lindy McBride from Princeton about their research into how mosquitoes that can carry dangerous...

Listen to the episode How Mosquitoes Target Us – Zhilei Zhao & Lindy McBride

Epistemic Puzzles in 'The Witness' with Luke Cuddy

What can a video game teach us about our epistemic philosophy? In episode 93, Luke Cuddy from Southwestern College’s philosophy program talks with us about the video game The Witness,...

Listen to the episode Epistemic Puzzles in ‘The Witness’ – Luke Cuddy

Unintended Consequences of Legal Reforms with Ángela Zorro Medina

What effect did copying the U.S.'s legal system have on Colombia's incarceration system? In episode 92, Ángela Zorro Medina from the University of Chicago discussed her research into...

Listen to the episode Unintended Consequences of Legal Reforms – Ángela Zorro Medina

Bots' Meddling in the 2020 Presidential Election with Emilio Ferrara

How are automated social media bots manipulating our political discourse? In episode 91, Emilio Ferrara from the University of Southern California discusses his research into bots' amplification...

Listen to the episode Bots’ Meddling in the 2020 Presidential Election – Emilio Ferrara


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Doug Leigh

Doug Leigh, Ph.D., is a Professor with Pepperdine University in Los Angeles. His research interests are psychometrics, machine learning, and science communication.
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Ryan Watkins

Ryan Watkins, Ph.D., is a Professor at George Washington University in Washington DC. His research interests are needs, needs assessments, instructional design, and human-technology collaboration.