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Epistemic Puzzles in 'The Witness' with Luke Cuddy

What can a video game teach us about our epistemic philosophy? In episode 93, Luke Cuddy from Southwestern College’s philosophy program talks with...

Listen to the episode Epistemic Puzzles in ‘The Witness’ – Luke Cuddy


Unintended Consequences of Legal Reforms with Ángela Zorro Medina

What effect did copying the U.S.'s legal system have on Colombia's incarceration system? In episode 92, Ángela Zorro Medina from the University of Chicago discussed her research into...

Listen to the episode Unintended Consequences of Legal Reforms – Ángela Zorro Medina

Bots' Meddling in the 2020 Presidential Election with Emilio Ferrara

How are automated social media bots manipulating our political discourse? In episode 91, Emilio Ferrara from the University of Southern California discusses his research into bots' amplification...

Listen to the episode Bots’ Meddling in the 2020 Presidential Election – Emilio Ferrara

Pet Project with Eric Tourigny

What do changes in our beliefs about the death of our pets over the past century say about the relationship we have with our companion animals? In episode 90, Eric Tourigny from Newcastle...

Listen to the episode Pet Project – Eric Tourigny

Drones Revealing the Past with Jesse Casana

How can drones help us find settlements long-lost to time? In episode 89, Jesse Casana from Dartmouth College's Department of Anthropology discusses his research into using multi-sensor...

Listen to the episode Drones Revealing the Past – Jesse Casana

Arianna Long

Early Galaxies' Formation with Arianna Long

How did the earliest and largest clusters of galaxies form? In episode 88, Arianna Long from the University California - Irvine talks with us about her research into the emergence of massive...

Listen to the episode Early Galaxies’ Formation – Arianna Long

Tim Miller

Silencing an ALS Gene with Tim Miller

How could a gene that causes one type of ALS be switched off? In episode 87, Tim Miller from the Washington University in St. Louis discusses his research into therapies that target the...

Listen to the episode Silencing an ALS Gene – Tim Miller

Fool Me Once Again with Darwin Guevarra

Can we knowingly fake ourselves out? In episode 86 of Parsing Science we talk with Darwin Guevarra from Michigan State University about his research exploring how placebos sometimes have...

Listen to the episode Fool Me Once Again – Darwin Guevarra

Hot Girl Summer with Kyesha Jennings

How are Black women using social media to develop community and identity? In episode 85 we talk with Kyesha Jennings from North Carolina State University Department of English about her...

Listen to the episode Hot Girl Summer – Kyesha Jennings

Why Narcissists Are "Never Wrong" with Tori Howes & Ed Kausel

Should I have done something differently? Or could nobody have seen it coming? In episode 84 Satoris "Tori" Howes from Oregon State University-Cascades and Edgar "Ed" Kausel from Pontificia...

Listen to the episode Why Narcissists Are “Never Wrong” – Tori Howes and Ed Kausel

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