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The unpublished stories behind the
world’s most compelling science,
as told by the researchers themselves.

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Birds' Evolution Across Mass Extinctions with Daniel Field

Might a 66.7-million-year-old "turducken" be the world's oldest bird? In episode 75, Daniel Field from the Department of Earth Sciences at the University...

Listen to the episode Birds’ Evolution Across Mass Extinctions – Daniel Field


Parroting Probabilities with Amalia Bastos

Very few animals can combine information to adjust their predictions in a flexible way by using domain-general intelligence as humans do. In episode 74, Amalia Bastos from the University...

Listen to the episode Parroting Probabilities – Amalia Bastos

Anything but Pedestrian with Courtney Coughenour & Jennifer Pharr

Are drivers of more expensive cars really the jerks we make them out to be? In Episode 73, Courtney Coughenour and Jennifer Pharr from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas discuss their...

Listen to the episode Anything but Pedestrian – Courtney Coughenour & Jennifer Pharr

The Plight of the Tiger with Akchousanh Rasphone

Are wild tigers now extinct in Laos? In episode 72, Akchousanh "Akchou" Rasphone from Oxford's Wildlife Conservation Research Unit discusses her research which concludes that improvised...

Listen to the episode The Plight of the Tiger – Akchousanh Rasphone

Why We Love & Exploit Animals with Verónica Sevillano

Why is it that we treat various species of animals so differently? In episode 71, Veronica Sevillano with the Autonomous University of Madrid discusses her research applying social psychology...

Listen to the episode Why We Love & Exploit Animals – Verónica Sevillano

The minds of single-celled organisms with Jeremy Gunawardena

Can even a single-celled organism truly learn? In Episode 70, Jeremy Gunawardena with the Department of Systems Biology at Harvard Medical School talks with us about his replication of...

Listen to the episode The Minds of Single-celled Organisms – Jeremy Gunawardena

Cuttlefish in 3D Glasses with Trevor Wardill

Why Velcro 3D glasses onto cuttlefish? In Episode 69, Trevor Wardill from the Department of Ecology, Evolution and Behavior at the University of Minnesota discusses his research into...

Listen to the episode Cuttlefish in 3D Glasses – Trevor Wardill

Undergraduates Formerly in Foster Care with Royel Johnson

What factors best predict success at college among youth formerly in foster care? In Episode 68, Royel Johnson from Pennsylvania State University's Department of Education Policy Studies...

Listen to the episode Undergraduates Formerly in Foster Care – Royel Johnson

Ivory Towers and Abattoirs with Temple Grandin

How can research improve the lives of livestock, even as they're on their way to slaughter? In episode 67, Temple Grandin from the Colorado State University's College of Agricultural Sciences...

Listen to the episode Ivory Towers and Abattoirs – Temple Grandin

Katherine Wood rock climbing

Hiding in Plain Sight with Katherine Wood

Did you catch that? In episode 66, Katherine Wood from the University of Illinois discusses her research with the scientist behind the famous “Invisible Gorilla” experiments, Daniel...

Listen to the episode Hiding in Plain Sight – Katherine Wood

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Doug Leigh

Doug Leigh, Ph.D., is a Professor with Pepperdine University in Los Angeles. His research interests are psychometrics, machine learning, and science communication.
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Ryan Watkins

Ryan Watkins, Ph.D., is a Professor at George Washington University in Washington DC. His research interests are needs, needs assessments, instructional design, and human-technology collaboration.