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Privacy Policy

We try to collect as little personal data as possible, but we do typically require your email address in order to obtain suggestions for future episodes, send newsletters and other site-related messages, and/or for your mailing address for promotions involving tangible goods.

Please don’t provide us these if you don’t want us to contact you. We do not sell your contact information or share it outside Parsing Science. We will purge it from our database upon request. Easy enough.

There are, however, a few ways in which we utilize third party services to help run / fund the site:

  • Advertising. Though currently not implemented, this typically involves embedding a script from one or more ad networks into our pages, which then display ads that may might be relevant to the viewer. If you don’t like the sound of that, please feel free to use an ad blocker (and maybe consider making a donation and/or giving us a review on iTunes).
  • Analytics. Our web traffic is also analyzed by third party companies, for our own internal reporting and server monitoring. For more information, see our cookie policy.

Ad networks and analytics companies generally try to build viewer profiles to better target their advertising and/or improve their web traffic analyses, so these companies may have more of your personal data.

When you use our form to suggest a guest, we request (1) a title for the item you’re suggesting; (2) an URL of the suggested article; and (3) a description of the suggested article. We use this information to assess your suggestion. We also ask for your identity and email address in order to give you appropriate credit. If you ask to remain anonymous, we will not publish your identify in association with your suggestion, should we choose to use it. We will never spam your email. We maintain this information indefinitely and use it to evaluate submissions quickly. Suggesting a guest, however, does not mean we will necessarily interview them. Please don’t email to check if we’ve reviewed your submission.

If you email us or send other communications to us directly, we will retain your email or address and correspondence so that we may respond to your request. We retain this information indefinitely so that we have a history of our past communications.

Terms of Service

This website provides a free service and, as such, we provide no warranty or guarantee of service or uptime. By using this site, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to these terms and do so at your own risk.