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The show

We ask researchers to select one of their recent journal articles and share the unpublished stories that led to their scientific discoveries. From unexpected challenges to surprising results, researchers breakdown the scientific process to tell the stories that don’t make it into research journals.  In June of 2021, we decided to take a break from the show in order to focus on our families and our research.  We may bring Parsing Science back, but for now please enjoy the 100 episodes we made between 2017 to 2021.

Your hosts

Doug Leigh and Ryan Watkins are the hosts of Parsing Science. Both are Professors, at Pepperdine University and George Washington University, respectively. Doug also maintains press credentials through the International Science Writers Association.

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If your organization is interested in becoming a sponsor of the show, or an episode of the show, please contact us at . Sponsors are mentioned on-air at the beginning, during, and/or end of the episode. We also have advertising opportunities available for links on the website.

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Use Parsing Science in the classroom

We are using Parsing Science in our own courses and finding that episodes of the show can be a valuable tool for helping students learn about how research really gets done. They have been inspired by the creatives ideas of our guests and be prepared for the ups and downs of doing research. Learn about some sample assignments and activities for using the show in your own classroom.

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Parsing Science is a public good that relies on the generosity of listeners to sustain our efforts. Donations of time or money are therefore greatly appreciated. Please email us if you have time to help us grow the show. For example, you can volunteer to help us schedule guests or edit episodes.