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20 Feb 2018

Universals in Songs – Sam Mehr and Manvir Singh

Sam Mehr and Manvir Singh from Harvard's Music Lab talk with us about how they used songs from the Natural History of Song database to find out if form-function associations in vocal music are detectable by listeners worldwide. Their article, "Form and function in human song"  was published in Current Biology on February 5th 2018. The article was co-a...
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6 Feb 2018

Creating Deceptive Performance – Niki den Nieuwenboer

Niki den Nieuwenboer from the University of Kansas' School of Business talks with us about her research on how middle-managers can manipulate organizational  structures to coerce their staff into unethical behaviors to inflate both of their apparent performance. She co-authored the article we discuss, "Middle Managers and Corruptive Routine Translation: ...
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23 Jan 2018

Decisions to Move – Bill Clark

Bill Clark from the University of California Los Angeles discusses his research applying the endowment effect of Prospect Theory to decisions of why people move from, or stay in, their homes. His article, "Prospect theory and the decision to move or stay," co-authored with William Lisowski, was published in the September 5, 2017 edition of the  Proceedings ...
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9 Jan 2018

Capacity for Number – Rafael Núñez

In this episode we talk with Rafael Núñez from the University of California San Diego about his research into if human understanding of number has developed through biological evolution, or through the evolution of language and culture. His article, "Is There Really an Evolved Capacity for Number?", was published in the June 2017 edition of Trends in...
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26 Dec 2017

Best of 2017 Special

As 2017 comes to a close, we revisit our first 12 interviews to highlight some of the themes and trends across our inaugural episodes. Clips highlight everything from planning and carrying out research studies to the trials and tribulations of academic publishing. We also hear from guests about the use of crowdsourcing in science, the importance of...
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12 Dec 2017

Fault Reactivation and Earthquakes – Folarin Kolawole

In this episode we talk with Folarin Kolawole from the University of Oklahoma about his research into how the reactivation of faults can lead to earthquakes in places where they've never before occurred in recorded history. He co-authored the article "Aeromagnetic, gravity, and Differential Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar analyses reveal ...
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