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15 May 2018

Uncovering Uncertain Identities – David Kernot

David Kernot from the Australian National University talks with us about his research into using William Shakespeare's texts for training an algorithm to uncover authors' identities and personalities from their written words. His article "Using Shakespeare’s Sotto Voce to Determine True Identity F...
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1 May 2018

Linguistic Artifacts in Creole – Nicole Creanza

Vanderbilt University's Nicole Creanza talks with us about her research into the colonial migrations of those who contributed to the historical evolution of the creole language, Sranan. Her article "Using features of a Creole language to reconstruct population history and cultural evolution: tracing ...
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20 Feb 2018

Universals in Songs – Sam Mehr and Manvir Singh

Sam Mehr and Manvir Singh from Harvard's Music Lab talk with us about their research which suggests that humans across the world are able to detect the social purpose of other cultures' songs based only on how they sound. Their article, "Form and function in human song"  was published in Current Biolo...
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23 Jan 2018

Decisions to Move – Bill Clark

Bill Clark from the University of California Los Angeles discusses his research applying the endowment effect of Prospect Theory to decisions of why people move from, or stay in, their homes. His article, "Prospect theory and the decision to move or stay," co-authored with William Lisowski, was published...
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3 Oct 2017

Archaeology of Space Culture – Alice Gorman

The rich archaeological records of human space exploration can tell us much about human behavior, geopolitics, and the history of science and technology. In this episode we are joined by Alice Gorman of Flinders University in South Australia. Alice tells us about her research that explores archaeological...
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