How do our brains respond when people behave in unpredictable ways? In episode 80, Jordan Theriault from Northeastern University discusses his research into a set of brain regions which, when activated by a variety of social tasks, can provide insights into how we judge the moral objectivity or subjectivity of others’ unexpected claims. His article “Theory of mind network activity is associated with metaethical judgment: An item analysis” (PDF here), was published in April 2020 with Adam Waytz, Larisa Heiphetz, and Liane Young in the journal Neuropsychologia.



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Doug Leigh & Ryan Watkins

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Leigh, D., Watkins, R., & Theriault, J.. (2020). Parsing Science – The Metaethics of Moral Claims. doi: 10.6084/m9.figshare.12765473


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