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Bonus Content and Downloads

▲ Full episode with available download

▲ Voyager I as generational marker

▲ Alice’s fondness for Voyager II

▲ Isolation of Voyager spacecraft

▲ Size of Voyagers

▲ On anthropomorphizing spacecraft

▲ On C.S. Lewis’ Space Trilogy

▲ Other meaning of “space archeology”

▲ Archeology vs. history & anthropology

▲ Alice’s obsession with cable ties

▲ Precursors to space archeology

▲ More recent influences on space archeology

▲ On Isaac Asimov’s short story re: archeologists

▲ V. Gordon Childe’s culture history

▲ On exploration and colonialism

▲ Amusement parks, playgrounds, and the aquatic ape theory

▲ Similarities and differences in space culture

▲ Soviet vs. US space programs

▲ Embodiment and control

▲ On studying the early generation of space travelers

▲ The “toss zone”