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Bonus Content and Downloads

▲ Full episode with available download

▲ Early teachers: High school through undergraduate

▲ Influence of Andrew Hill at Yale, pt. 1

▲ Influence of Andrew Hill, pt. 2

▲ Influence of Gunter Wagner on interdisciplinary research

▲ Influence of Jacques Gauthier on lizard anatomy

▲ Tim Rowe, Jacques Gauthier, and The Cladistic Revolution

▲ Influence of Tim Rowe on use of CT scanning for 3D rendering

▲ Influence of Arkhat Abzhanov on avian head research

▲ Making inferences from living things to their ancestors

▲ Other differences between Ichthyornis and modern birds

▲ On avian tooth loss

▲ Discovery of new Ichthyornis specimen

▲ Location of the bony cage in Ichthyornis skull in Extended Data Fig. 4

▲ On the future of imaging technologies

▲ Making inferences from soft tissue

▲ Vertebrates evolved ability to fly three times

▲ Lack of transitional fossils among pterosaurs and bats

▲ The fragility and rarity of fossilized bones

▲ Transporting specimens by car and air

▲ Influence of Kevin Padian

▲ Transformation of Ichthyornis’ beak, jaw, and teeth

The Bone Wars and influence of O.C. Marsh

▲ Notable Yale paleontology alums