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17 Apr 2018

Defying Unjust Authorities – Phil Zimbardo

Phil Zimbardo, Professor Emeritus from Stanford University and lead investigator on the Stanford Prison Experiment, talks with us about his new research into how social modeling influences the likelihood of disobeying unjust authority.  His article "On the dynamics of disobedience: experimental investigations of defying unjust authority", co-authored with...
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2 Apr 2018

How Misinformation Spreads Online – Soroush Vosoughi

Soroush Vosoughi from MIT's Laboratory for Social Machines and Harvard's Berkman Klein Center talks with us about his research into how false spreads differently than true news in Twitter. His article "The spread of true and false news online", co-authored with Deb Roy and Sinan Aral, was published in the journal Science on March 9, 2018. "Fake ...
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20 Mar 2018

Stroke Recovery with Light – Anna-Sophia Wahl

Anna-Sophia Wahl is a neuroscientist with the Brain Research Institute at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, in Zurich, as well as a physician with the Central Institute of Mental Health in Mannheim, Germany. She spoke with us about her article "Optogenetically stimulating intact rat corticospinal tract post-stroke restores motor control thr...
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6 Mar 2018

Empathic Accuracy – Michael Kraus

Michael Kraus from Yale University's School of Management talks with us about his research that examines the role of the voice in our capacity to accurately estimate the emotions of others. His article, "Voice-Only Communication Enhances Empathic Accuracy",  was published in the American Psychologist in October of 2017. Websites Supplemental mat...
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20 Feb 2018

Universals in Songs – Sam Mehr and Manvir Singh

Sam Mehr and Manvir Singh from Harvard's Music Lab talk with us about their research which suggests that humans across the world are able to detect the social purpose of other cultures' songs based only on how they sound. Their article, "Form and function in human song"  was published in Current Biology on February 5th 2018. The article was co-aut...
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6 Feb 2018

Creating Deceptive Performance – Niki den Nieuwenboer

Niki den Nieuwenboer from the University of Kansas' School of Business talks with us about her research on how middle-managers can manipulate organizational  structures to coerce their staff into unethical behaviors to inflate both of their apparent performance. She co-authored the article we discuss, "Middle Managers and Corruptive Routine Translation: ...
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