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Thank you for supporting Parsing Science. We greatly appreciate your support and hope that you enjoy access to the bonus materials from the episodes.

Bonus Content and Downloads

▲ Full episode with available download

▲ Chicken embryos for visualizing cancer

▲ Using in vivo models of metastasis

▲ Sources of fertilized chicken eggs

▲ HEP3 head and neck metastatic cell line

▲ Unbiased screen of gene constructs

▲ Development of Compactness Index algorithm

▲ Obligation to share code

▲ Imaging as precursor to statistical quantification

▲ Tools used to count cells

▲ Validation in chicken and mouse models

▲ Collagen and the extracellular matrix

▲ Risk of prostate cancer

▲ Utility of philanthropy for funding basic science

▲ Necessity of multidisciplinary teams (APCaRI)

▲ Forking career paths

▲ Postdoc at Salk Institute in La Jolla, CA

▲ Canadian hockey in the US