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Bonus Content and Downloads

▲ Full episode with available download

▲ 01. Failure rate among simultaneous translators

▲ 02. Brooke’s first exposure to Ericsson’s work

▲ 03. Ericsson’s response to Brooke’s 2014 meta-analysis

▲ 04. If practice matters less, then what might?

▲ 05. On “big claims” vs. more nuanced ones

▲ 06. On longitudinal studies and those involving special populations

▲ 07. Testing for self-reporting biases

▲ 08. Additional findings of interest

▲ 09. Two preregistrations of the study

▲ 10. How preregistration helps design

▲ 11. Scientific anti-authoritarianism as motivation to find errors

▲ 12. How AI may lead to atrophy of expertise

▲ 13. On Ericsson’s criticisms