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Bonus Content and Downloads

▲ Full episode with available download

▲ The importance of precise definitions

▲ Experimentation into nativism vs. non-nativism of numbers

▲ On Aymara studies

▲ Snowboarding as an analogy for Biologically Evolved Preconditions

▲ Introduction of the number line

▲ “Number” is a polysemous term

▲ How symbols define humanness

▲ Teleological problems with evolution of numbers

▲ Teleology in numerical cognition

▲ What can be learned from animal studies of numerical cognition

▲ Nativist explanation of symbolic learning

▲ Mathematical operations with natural quantifiers

▲ Calibrating natural quantifiers

▲ On snowboarding analogy

▲ Rafael’s response to Andreas Neider

▲ What can be learned from brain studies of mathematical reasoning