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20 Apr 2021

DNA Evidence of Denisovan Interbreeding – João Teixeira

What can DNA tell us about the migration of the earliest modern humans and other hominins? In episode 97 of Parsing Science, we talk with João Teixeira from the University of Adelaide about his research which examined the genomes of modern humans to investigate the interbreeding between ancient huma...
Listen to the episode..DNA Evidence of Denisovan Interbreeding – João Teixeira
10 Nov 2020

Silencing an ALS Gene – Tim Miller

How could a gene that causes one type of ALS be switched off? In episode 87, Tim Miller from the Washington University in St. Louis discusses his research into therapies that target the single strands of DNA or RNA which cause many cases of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also known as ALS or Lou G......
Listen to the episode..Silencing an ALS Gene – Tim Miller
16 Oct 2018

Decoding Cancers’ Expression – Mike Feigin

Because 98% of the human genome doesn't serve a direct role in gene expression, many biologists have long thought of them as nothing but "junk DNA." But might they hold the key to helping stem the formation of deadly cancers? In episode 34, Mike Feigin from Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center...
Listen to the episode..Decoding Cancers’ Expression – Mike Feigin