Can stereotypes about Christians really limit who pursues science? In this episode, Dr. Kim Rios from Ohio University discusses how self-concepts and group identities may change how we look at the role of religion in science. Kim tells the stories behind her article “Negative Stereotypes Cause Christians to Underperform in and Disidentify With Science.” She co-authored the article with Zhen Cheng, Rebecca Totton and Azim Shariff, which was published in the July 2015 issue of Social Psychological and Personality Science.

Christians and Science - Kim Rios
Christians and Science - Kim Rios
Christians and Science - Kim Rios Christians and Science - Kim Rios
@parsingscience says:
Thank you for the kind words, Atlas!
@Atlas Helaire says:
I found this show very interesting. Christianity and science has been a controversial topic. This show sparked my interest in further study on this issue. To the hosts - great job facilitating the discussion.
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Bonus clips


▲ Kim discusses how her team used suspicion probes to determine if participants had figured out what they trying to measure in the studies.


▲ Kim sharing on the relationship of religion and science in Islamic cultures.


▲ Kim talking about her team’s experiences with MTurkers.

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Ryan Watkins & Doug Leigh

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