Do people who willingly hold down multiple careers at the same time struggle like the rest of us to find authenticity in their work? Brianna Caza, Sherry Moss & Heather Vough (of the University of Manitoba, Wake Forest University, and the University of Cincinnati) talk with us about what their research found. Their open-access article, “From Synchronizing to Harmonizing: The Process of Authenticating Multiple Work Identities” was published on September 26, 2017 in Administrative Science Quarterly.



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Quartz | Organizational Musings


Bonus Clips

Due to technical problems with the audio, clips from the interview with Brianna Caza and Heather Vough were not included in the episode. Those clips are available below.

Heather Vough & Brianna Caza on what is the gig economy

Heather Vough on what is identity and authenticity in the work context

Heather Vough on using multifaceted perspectives on identity to research authenticity

Heather Vough & Brianna Caza on what is grounded theory qualitative method and how is it done

Brianna Caza on the value and challenges of qualitative grounded theory research

Heather Vough on analyzing the data to create the story of the article

Heather Vough on quality checking the data

Heather Vough on identity and career pluralism in academic careers

Brianna Caza on the personal impacts of doing this research

Heather Vough on the emergence of career pluralism

Heather Vough on imposter syndrome

Heather Vough on her role in the research project

Sherry Moss on parallels with multiracial research literature

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