Might enabling computational aids to “self-correct” when they’re out of sync with people be a path toward their exhibition of recognizably intelligent behavior? In episode 46, Neera Jain from Purdue University discusses in her experiments into monitoring our trust in AI’s abilities so as to drive us more safely, care for our grandparents, and do work that’s just too dangerous for humans. Her article “Computational Modeling of the Dynamics of Human Trust During Human–Machine Interactions” was published on October 23, 2018 in IEEE Transactions on Human-Machine Systems and was co-authored with Wan-Lin Hu, Kumar Akash, and Tahira Reid.

Trusting Our Machines -- Neera Jain
Trusting Our Machines -- Neera Jain
Trusting Our Machines -- Neera Jain Trusting Our Machines -- Neera Jain
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