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Bonus Content and Downloads

▲ Full episode with available download

▲ Two-year college as an option for youth formerly in foster care

▲ Deciding not to participate in Teach for America

▲ College Access Day

▲ On Royel’s current research agenda

▲ Dearth of educational research into youth formerly in foster care

▲ Trauma interrupts developmental processes

▲ Challenges of conducting systematic reviews

▲ Manually scanning non-indexed journals

▲ Reaching saturation in systematic reviews

▲ Theoretical vs. conceptual frameworks

▲ Roles of individual differences, families and communities

▲ Aging out of the foster youth population

▲ Role of the study’s second rater

▲ Lack of theory among the papers Royel reviewed

▲ Royel’s definition of college success

▲ Building trust with foster youth

▲ Developing relationships with foster youth

▲ The practical application of systematic reviews in the outside world

▲ Systematic reviews in dissertations

▲ Royel’s current qualitative study using narrative inquiry

▲ ANOVA metaphor (with Laura Rendón’s levels as factors)