How can research improve the lives of livestock, even as they’re on their way to slaughter? In episode 67, Temple Grandin from the Colorado State University’s College of Agricultural Sciences talks with us about her work on promoting improved communications between academic researchers and those in the animal agriculture industry. We discuss her article “Crossing the divide between academic research and practical application of ethology and animal behavior information on commercial livestock and poultry farms,” which she published on June 28, 2019 in the journal Applied Animal Behaviour Science



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    Ryan Watkins & Doug Leigh

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    What’s The Angle? by Shane Ivers


    Rain Man’s Rainbow by Steve Jurvetson


    Temple Grandin: The Special Ed Department builds the stuff. And when I was out working in construction – (in the) mid 70s, 80s, and 90s – I’m gonna estimate a quarter of the people that I worked with in welding and in design work were either autistic, dyslexic, or ADHD.

    Ryan Watkins: This is Parsing Science: the unpublished stories behind the world’s most compelling science, as told by the researcher themselves. I’m Ryan Watkins.

    Doug Leigh: And I’m Doug Leigh. Today, in episode 67 of Parsing Science, we’re joined by animal science professor, livestock industry consultant, and autism spokesperson Temple Grandin. She’ll talk with us about her work crossing the divide between academic studies of animal behavior and their practical application in commercial livestock and poultry farms. Here’s Temple Grandin.

    Grandin: Hi, I’m Temple Grandin, and I am professor of Animal Science at Colorado State University. I was raised in Boston, Massachusetts. I originally came from a non-ag(riculture) background, and I got involved in the cattle industry because I went out to my aunt’s ranch when I was a teenager. Which brings up the really important thing: that students get interested in things they get exposed to.

    Leigh: Temple’s article asserts that the application of two concepts – ethology and stockmanship – are essential to bridging animal science research and practice. So we began our conversation by asking her to explain these terms and why they’re so important in farms, ranches, and ultimately slaughterhouses, which are also referred to as abattoirs.

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