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Bonus Content and Downloads

▲ Full episode with available download

▲ Earlier honeybee researchers’ findings

▲ Recent honeybee researchers’ findings

▲ Sequencing the experiments

▲ The honeybee gravity feeder

▲ Anatomy of human color vision

▲ Building the honeybee vision camera

▲ History of the discovery of animals’ understanding of zero

▲ Associative mechanisms explained

▲ Associative mechanisms vs. rules

▲ Details of training the honeybees

▲ Building the honeybee testing apparatuses

Scarlett Howard‘s contributions to the study

▲ Sample size in psychophysics experiments

Andreas Nieder‘s framework for numerosity processing

▲ Processing power of the human brain

▲ On the potential coevolution of brain size and processing power

▲ Working with young adults to train bees at Monash