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2 Oct 2018

Halting Cancers’ Spread – John Lewis

Can we put the brakes on cancers' ability to metastasize? In episode 33, John Lewis from the University of Alberta talks with us about his research into inhibiting cancer cell movement and metastasis through genomic targets. His open-access article "Quantitative in vivo whole genome motility scree...
Listen to the episode..Halting Cancers’ Spread – John Lewis
14 Nov 2017

Electoral Systems and Female Candidates – Laura Stephenson

In this episode we talk with Laura Stephenson from the University of Western Ontario about her research into how the structures of electoral systems can shape support for female political candidates. Her open-access article "Votes for Women: Electoral Systems and Support for Female Candidates" w......
Listen to the episode..Electoral Systems and Female Candidates – Laura Stephenson