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Bonus Content and Downloads

Illusions in the Periphery – Ben Balas

Plasticity & Face Recognition – Marlene Behrmann

Playing with Science History — Jean-François Gauvin

Decoding Cancers’ Expression – Mike Feigin

Halting Cancers’ Spread – John Lewis

Speech-to-Song Illusion – Mike Vitevitch

Nothing to a Bee — Adrian Dyer

Debunking Pterosaurs Flight — Armita Manafzadeh

Prehistoric Origins of Birds — Bhart-Anjan Bhullar

Retaining LGBQ Undergraduates in STEM — Bryce Hughes

Structural Racism & Police Shootings — Anita Knopov

Uncovering Uncertain Identities — David Kernot

Defying Unjust Authorities — Phil Zimbardo

How Misinformation Spreads Online — Soroush Vosoughi

Stroke Recovery with Light — Anna-Sophia Wahl

Empathic Accuracy — Michael Kraus

Universals in Song — Sam Mehr and Manvir Singh

Decisions to Move — Bill Clark

Capacity for Number — Rafael Núñez

Fault Reactivation and Earthquakes — Folarin Kolawole

Retaliatory Punishment – Adam Morris

Open Science and Replications (Parts 1 & 2) — Tim Errington & Brian Nosek

Archaeology of Space Culture — Alice Gorman

Induced Auditory Hallucinations — Al Powers & Phil Corlett

Semantic Meaning in Images — Devi Parikh

Christians and Science — Kim Rios

Accuracy of Health Outcome Predictions — Scott Halpern